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If you’re like almost every eCommerce business, you’ve tried to market your products on Google Adwords or Facebook Ads only to find out that it just doesn’t make financial sense. You spend more than you make. And Google and Facebook are the only ones turning a profit.

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To make matters worse, SEO for eCommerce businesses is simply too competitive which has driven the cost through the roof. Plus it’s a long process to see first page results, if you ever make it that far before you run out of money.

And let’s just forget about organic social media. A ton of work and nothing to show for it.

So what works in today’s digital world for the small to medium sized eCommerce business?

It’s starts with understanding the problem. Google, Facebook, and SEO are traffic generators. That’s it. None of them provide the additional component needed to compete in today’s competitive eCommerce environment. What are they missing?

Really good marketing.

That’s right. You need really good marketing to work hand in hand with traffic generation. They must feed off of each other, and be synchronized to work.

That’s why it takes you a hundred clicks to get a sale right now. You have no marketing on your site to build and capture interest. You just have products.

“My site is really beautiful and easy to navigate”, you say. Well, how much product did you sell on Saint Patrick’s Day, or Valentine’s Day, or Mother’s Day, or Black Friday, or Groundhog Day for that matter? Get our point? If you aren’t creating events to build interest and desire to buy your products, you aren’t marketing. Sorry. But that’s reality.

Marketing and traffic generating need to work together. The big guys who spend $250,000 a month or more on marketing understand this. But small to medium sized businesses don’t have this kind of budget.

We get it.

You need something affordable that perfectly intertwines great marketing with traffic building that makes your online cash register ring.

Well, let the joyous singing and dancing begin because we have just the program for you.

For the first time ever small and medium sized eCommerce businesses, who can’t afford to compete with the big guys, but still need a way to generate online sales, have a reliable, consistent, and affordable way to generate sales on demand.

Yep. It’s really pretty simple… Just tell us how many sales you want per month, and we go to work to build your custom sales generation machine that provides high quality traffic to your marketing events ready to buy your products on your website.

Here’s how we drive sales for your eCommerce business after you sign-up…

Here’s how the program work after you sign-up…

1. Meet Your Marketing Coach

Your journey begins by meeting your Marketing Coach or “Coach” who is a marketing expert with 10-plus years of full-time eCommerce digital marketing experience. Your Coach will ask you questions about your business to gain a firm understanding of your particular business, your market, your goals, and everything relevant to help you achieve them.

2. We Do Our Homework.

After your Coach better understands your business directly from you, then he/she will lead the charge with our marketing team to perform extensive marketing research to improve our understanding of your particular business and market as it specifically relates to selling your products.

What are the best platforms to use to drive the highest quality traffic at the lowest possible cost? How do we best position your business to compete and “win” versus your strongest competitors for your product sales? What value propositions will garner the highest interest to your best potential customers? What is the most effective way to turn “Cold Contacts” into “Warm/Hot Leads” who are excited to come to your website and buy your products?

These are just some of the questions that we must know the correct answers before we start building your eCommerce sales strategy, model, and machine.

3. Custom eCommerce Marketing Strategy and Model

Next, armed with answers to our most relevant sales questions, we build a custom sales generation model centered around marketing events and driving quality traffic to these events that is the blueprint for the team to follow. All DVC team members assigned to your account… copywriters, graphic designers, web page builders, backend tech guys, as well as your Coach will all follow and implement.

4. Building Your Custom eCommerce Marketing Machine

A marketing domain is purchased. Squeeze pages built. Forms designed. Web pages designed, built, and hosted. Messaging written. Lead Magnets written, designed, and published. All of the crafting of your Custom eCommerce Marketing Machine happens here.

5. Turn Your eCommerce Marketing Machine Live

Once it’s built, reviewed and tested, we turn it live. Your Monthly Traffic Generation Fee is charged, and we start your eCommerce Marketing Machine. Your Coach assigns your account to a dedicated Customer Success Manager or “CSM” who is responsible for watching your account daily, making changes as needed, and optimizing it for success daily. You and CSM meet for scheduled monthly meetings to discuss your campaign progress. Besides receiving Verified eCommerce Leads as soon as they arrive, you will also receive weekly performance reports.

6. The Science of Optimization

Your dedicated CSM works daily, optimizing your eCommerce Marketing Machine: fixing inefficiencies, conversion rate optimization, sales copy and more, as they surface on a day-to-day basis. Your dedicated CSM also works with the entire eCommerce Marketing team to enhance and improve messaging, email marketing issues, web development, and backend tech related fixes. Experienced, successful, high ROI eCommerce sales generation campaigns require a 6-month process that you and your dedicated CSM travel together.


What Do Clients Receive?

Clients receive custom, exclusive website traffic that is primed and ready to buy products on the Client’s website for each newly created marketing event. Each eCommerce Marketing program is set up specifically for each individual Client’s eCommerce business. Ready to buy traffic is not sold or given to any other entity other than the Client.

What’s in the Set-Up Fee

The Set-Up consists of the following:

Creating a marketing domain specifically for each Client’s custom driven event marketing. This protects Clients from prospective client’s bad reviews or negative reputation to your brand’s name, domain, or IP generated from DVC’s eCommerce Marketing program efforts. This includes:

  1. Purchasing the Marketing Domain URL; and,
  2. Creating all of the Marketing Events and associated messaging for the ads as well as the landing page and Opt-In page; and,
  3. Using the new Marketing Domain, DVC designs, builds, and hosts the Client’s eCommerce Profit Funnel. This includes everything necessary to “warm up” traffic including landing pages, squeeze pages, Opt-In campaign forms, initial email marketing campaigns, initial traffic generation campaigns, and lead magnets; and,
  4. Setting up the Marketing Events and eCommerce Profit Funnel, together called the “eCommerce Marketing Machine” to run at peak performance.

When is the Set-Up Fee charged?

  1. The one-time Set-Up Fee is charged on the day that Client enrolls (“Enrollment Date”) in the eCommerce Marketing Program.

What’s in the Monthly Management Fee?

The Monthly Fee consists of the following:

  1. Creation and management of General B2C or B2B Lists; and,
  2. Creation, running, and management of Client’s email marketing campaigns; and,
  3. Generating and delivering performance reports; and,
  4. General eCommerce Marketing Machine maintenance, management, and optimization.

What’s in the Monthly Traffic Generation Fee?

  1. This is the fee charged for monthly traffic generation to your custom eCommerce Profit Funnel through any and all of DVC’s internal traffic generation sources as well as external sources such as Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Bing Ads, YouTube Ads, etc. … any and all traffic generation sources, both internal and external that DVC determines will give you the best bang for your buck.
  2. It also covers the creation, implementation, and management of all traffic generation campaigns as they relate to your custom scheduled events. This means increasing volume of submissions, tweaking the messaging, changing the timings of messaging, etc. … anything and everything to optimize your return on investment.
  3. Clients receive monthly reports showing the monthly traffic generation performance results.
  4. Clients can modify the amount that they wish to spend each month on monthly traffic generation efforts at any time for future billing cycles.

When is the Monthly Traffic Generation Fee charged?

The Initial Monthly Traffic Generation Fee is charged on the day that your eCommerce Profit Funnel is live. Clients are notified of this event and of the Initial Monthly Traffic Generation Fee charge. Thereafter, Monthly Traffic Generation Fees are charged on the same day each successive month as the day the Initial Monthly Traffic Generation Fee is charged (ie. 14th of the month).

What is an “eCommerce Verified Lead”?

An “eCommerce Verified Lead” is defined as an email address that (i) has been scrubbed by a third party email verification software, (ii) has Opted-In to the Client’s eCommerce Profit Funnel, and (iii) been delivered to Client’s eCommerce website.

How does eCommerce Verified Lead Delivery work?

Leads are captured 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, and 365 days per year from our messaging platform. When your leads come in through your eCommerce Profit Funnel, they are immediately scrubbed through our email marketing cleaning software, and delivered to your website. Only eCommerce Verified Leads are distributed to Clients.

Can I have DVC deliver eCommerce Verified Leads directly into my CRM?

Yes, in most cases, our development team can connect our platform to your CRM at the cost of $80/hour.

Why is there a 6-Month Minimum Term?

DVC employs the best-of-the-best to design, build, grow, and track each Client’s eCommerce Marketing Machine. DVC must spend considerable time and research on the Client’s behalf to optimize the eCommerce Profit Funnels and email marketing campaigns to perform well. DVC wishes to do business with eCommerce businesses who want long term results, meaning a consistently high performing sales generation program, which will take no less than 6-months to fully optimize and realize.

Additional Services and Fees

A. Specialized Lists: For Specialized Lists (ie “Dentists”, “Homeowners”, or “Locally Targeted Geographies”), DVC can procure such lists at an additional fee that is determined on a case by case basis.

B. Adding An Additional Marketing Event: $1,000 per Event


DVC is happy to add another Marketing Event at any time for the above stated fee. For example, if you want to fire sale inventory that you have been sitting on too long, DVC will design the additional Marketing Event and drive interested traffic to your site for the “Fire Sale”.


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