Why you should have a website for your cleaning service?

From a small landing page to a fully polished web app experience, everyone needs the right digital platform to make it big in the digital age!

A little-known fact is that small and local businesses can be those that a website would benefit from the most. You may be one of the perpetrators of perhaps the most heinous crime of the twenty-first century.

You may not own a website.

Here at DVC, we can’t believe how many people walk through our doors unaware of the power a website could have on their entire small business!

Those people are passing on the opportunity of having a salesperson working for them all day, every day, and working for them for free!

This article will touch upon why you should own a website, as well as practical ways to become a website owner and manage your very own digital platform in less than three weeks.

Why owning a website is vital for cleaning service

Build trust using testimonials: If you want customers to trust you, you should get other people to tell them to trust you.

 Sharing shining five stars reviews is a guaranteed way to get people to understand that you mean business.

You are also sharing that you have been around for enough time to build a following of loyal customers that loved your services and would recommend them to a friend.

Testimonials are perhaps the most essential aspect of a small business’ digital path to success.

You can’t ask people you don’t know to trust you, but your past customers can do it for you.

Accelerate customer acquisition:

A website allows you to get found through both organic SEO (so whenever somebody searches for a specific keyword) or local SEO (when someone searches for a local service, like “cleaning service near me” or even more specifically, “cleaning service Los Angeles”.

SEO averages a 275% return on investment. If you want big numbers, you should check this out.

A whole world of digital marketing:

Owning a website allows you to discover the mighty tools offered by digital marketing.

Strategies such as Pay Per Click and SEO are reserved only for those with a website that people can land onto.

We know, Pay Per Click sounds daunting at first, but it boasts a 200% Return On Investment, and the very nature of this service guarantees fast results. There are some winners and some losers in this game, however: A PPC campaign is only as effective as the Conversion Rate Optimization on your website.

As you can see, a whole new world opens before your eyes, the moment you choose to become a website owner!

Provide valuable information:

We love content. Providing valuable information is the most important thing you can do as a business owner. 

When knowledgeable customers discuss with experts, world-changing businesses are built.

Once you become a website owner, you can start sharing great content to help people discover more about you, your industry, and what makes you stand out from the rest – in turn, this allows people to make better-informed decisions on your business.
And as a thank you, you’ll gain trustworthiness and authority in your industry.

How to make your cleaning service website beat the competition!

Small businesses can still make big impressions with the right amount of energy spent on making your website look astonishing.
Looks matter.

Having a bad and neglected website is just as useless as not having a website at all!

  • Focus on interacting with the customer: Buttons, animations, and clickable options are all great ways to make a customer engage with your product.
  • User Experience is a must: Try to put yourself in your customer’s shoes. The goal is to reach the information you want concisely.
    That is the very essence of User Experience.
    Design your website in a way that puts your customers’ needs first. Although it can be tempting to turn your cleaning service website into a work of art, efficiency beats everything else.
  • But that doesn’t mean you can’t be a bit creative. Creativity is rewarded too, and you should let your brand image lose on your website!
    Take a look at some of the examples here:

What should I put on my cleaning service website?

Contact information: 

It is undeniable that your customers should be able to reach you through your website, but you can take it even further!
Some WordPress plugins like the simple Call Now Button allow users to place phone calls without leaving your website.
Optimize contact forms by reducing the amounts of fields, removing the need to be registered, and possibly even simplifying the Captcha.

There are just some of the numerous ways you can optimize the tiny things around your website. When you add up those tiny changes, you get a website that converts visitors into customers.

Opening times: It’s always a brilliant idea to put your hours of operation on your website. After all, you don’t want to reply to customer inquiries at three in the morning!
Of course, if you run a 24/7 cleaning service, then that can even become one of the main selling points on your website!

Price quotes and calculators:Save the customer’s time by using quotes. You can give them a rough estimate of how much they’ll pay for your services.

You can take it a step further and implement a custom calculator functionality to make it easier for them to get the exact price tag without even needing to contact you.


You have to put testimonials on your website. They are probably the oldest trick in the marketer’s playbook, but they are quintessential to a high-converting website.

High-conversion copy: There’s no reason why your website shouldn’t convey the right message.

Freelance copywriters are as expensive as they come, and it’s a sector unfortunately plagued by unreliable sellers. However, DVC’s websites come with 5000 words worth of copy included in your website, enough to fill an average small-business website five times over!

Other tips to win big with a website!

Mobile-friendly design: 

Mobile-friendly websites score significantly better than desktop-only digital platforms. It’s often difficult to organize your website to respect the needs of mobile users.

Fortunately, DVC’s web design service can do it for you.

Google My Business

You should put your business on the Google My Business listing ASAP. Doing so will help countless people find you whenever they are looking for a service near them.

Local businesses receive 94% of their inquiries from GMB during weekdays.

Chatbots or live operators:

Do you want to talk to a human operator whenever in doubt? What about a chatbot that clears up all small headaches for you?
70% of people would rather talk to someone before making a purchase.

Migrate your website to a safe server:Shared servers are too risky for reputable businesses like yours. Other people on the server can send spam, adult content, or even engage in unethical or even illegal activities – and Google will penalize everyone on that server, including you, for their actions.

Why would you want to be punished for no reason?

DVC’s private servers are reserved for reputable clients only – and they are the best you can find.

We have created a comprehensive checklist for you to download. Click here to download.

Own a website in 3 weeks or less

Free website builders exist. But we hate them, and you should too because they are bad for SEO and often end up being messes that are incredibly expensive to maintain and fix.

Also, learning a building platform takes time, and trust us, you’ll lose the motivation to do this website before it’s live.

We pride ourselves on our Web Design service. 

Because we help small business owners get rid of the migraine that is having a great website that they can rely on to increase their wealth.

Not only our team will create a fully polished and stylish website for you to reap the benefits from, but we’ll do it in less than three weeks!
Add in the fact that our websites are ready to climb Google’s rankings AND come with the added bonus of unlimited assistance – So yes, we’ll make any minor changes you want, forever, for free!

DVC has been created to support small business owners who struggle to wear four, five, or even six different hats each day.

As a small business helping other small businesses, we believe that we can make a difference by providing you with a digital marketing plan you need to enjoy an unfair advantage online.

Achieve the income, lifestyle, and freedom you desire with Digital Visibility Concepts. Contact us today by clicking here or, alternatively, call us at 800-589-7346.

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